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Hello, My name is Dganit Hartman, thank you for visiting my website!

My Job started in the IT field,  Information Systems, Network Management and Microsoft Servers. I worked in leading technology companies such as IBM and Comverse, and later  moved to the private sector in Team Management positions alongside complex technological projects.

When my son Jonathan was born, I decided to tune into the field of digital accessibility and Knowledge Management, and since then I have received great opportunities in the government, Public & Academic sectors. 

I have established lots of government and public knowledge sites, including Research sites for scientists and a learning site based on Moodle.

More than that I use Digital &  AI applications to add more value to my work, For example, a Digital day with lots of lectures.  

You are more than welcome to contact me on LinkedIn as well.

For more Websites, Newspaper examples, you can click here.

Contact Me:

Electronic Book

Research Websites

אתר למעבדת מחקר של פרופ עדי סלומון



מרחב מקוון לכנסים



אתר לארגון IVS




For more Websites & Newspapers examples, click here


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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